About Us

Situated in various regions of Colombia, DF Fresh is a family run business which has been selling high quality fruit and herbs to consumers for over 10 years. Colombia as a nation, is the second most bio-diverse country in the world that has many agricultural advantages, our climate and soil make Colombia a formidable destination to invest in as the quality and taste of our products are of the highest degree.

Colombia can produce tropical fruit and herbs all year round, and although our strong selling point is Mango, Basil, Passion fruit & Physalis, we could also extend this range by growing other varieties of fruit and herbs depending on the needs of our clients.
Our network of family and friends own the land we grow our products on. We make sure that we never lose focus on the quality of our products and customer satisfaction. We focus on people development by helping our members of staff go through educational sponsorships and development programmes to expand their knowledge and skills. Our farms comply with agricultural best practices and we minimize the use of nasty chemicals and pesticides, providing safe working environment’s in all areas. Some of our products are Global Gap certified and others will follow shortly. 

We only hire over aged individuals, making sure that we comply with local and international employment regulations. Our team of highly knowledgeable staff have earned an excellent reputation as trusted growers and suppliers of quality products.
We look forward to meeting with new customers and sharing our wonderful products with the world.