Daniel started DF Fresh thinking about providing the best opportunities for our employees and farms. A clean sustainable project is not achievable if all the pieces in the jigsaw don't function properly, making sure that all involved are looked after.
We see the need to supply internationally to make us sustainable, as local markets are full of complications and volatile prices hamper the success needed to help our employees grow.
Jose Vicente shares the same values and outlook in life as Daniel, and as close friends they decided to join ventures and work together to make a real impact in their local communities and regions. Along the way other owners have joined them and together we are building a healthy network of landowners willing to supply fantastic produce.

Hector & his family

La Esmeralda

Hector & his family: Hector is our main man in our mango farm. He is an ex-guerilla army soldier who left the guerrilla armed forces and has been a great asset to us. He lives on the farm with his wife and three children whom are all high school graduates and have earned qualifications at the SENA (local government college). They all work for us: Sarita 24 years old, Rodrigo 22 Years old and Angelica 19 years old.
La Esmeralda is our mango farm, located in Chicoral – Tolima, a two-and-a-half-hour drive from the capital, Bogota – Colombia. Our climate is hot and relatively humid. It is 300 meters above sea level and has easy access to the main international airport El Dorado.

Juan de Dios Quintero has been working with us since 1994. He and his family have been leading our basil farm in Tamesis – Antioquia. Our basil has been recognized for being of the highest quality by supermarkets and restaurant chains nationwide. We predominantly employ women that have little or no resources. Women are often overlooked agriculturally and we are making them our main workforce for our projects. Many are single mothers that are now able to support their families.

Tamesis, Antioquia

Juan de Dios Quintero